To what specific emotions do the following slogans, sales pitches and maxims appeal?  Explain your answer completely using at least a couple of sentences per slogan.  Do not just list what emotion the slogan is appealing to - explain WHY or HOW the slogan is trying to make the reader feel the emotion in question

"Just do it" (Nike)
"Think Different" (Apple)
"Your World. Delivered" (AT&T)
"It's the economy, stupid!" (Bill Clinton campaign theme)
"By any means necessary" (rallying cry from Malcolm X)
"Have it your way" (Burger King)
"It's everywhere you want to be" (Visa)
"…and You're Done" (Amazon)
"Get More out of Now" (Dell Computers)
"How Are You?" (Vodafone)
"The Family Company" (Johnson & Johnson)
"Because I'm Worth It"  (L'Oreal)



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