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All ELA 11 students are to read Night by Elie Wiesel.  A selection of this memoir can be found in the literature book on pages 912-923.

Following the reading all students will need to complete questions 1-10 on page 923.  All questions are due Wednesday/Thursday.  This assignment is worth 50 points.

<![CDATA[Argument with Testimony - Movie Review Homework]]>Wed, 17 Apr 2013 08:30:52 GMThttp://tobiaskhs.weebly.com/english-11-2012-13/argument-with-testimony-movie-review-homeworkPicture
Due:  Friday 4/19, Monday 4/22 (75 points)

You are going to write an argument either in favor of, or against, a movie you have seen recently.  While your opinion by itself is valuable, you will be able to formulate a stronger argument by including the testimony of an experienced movie reviewer.

  • Step one is to go to www.rottentomatoes.com and type the title of your movie in the search bar at the top of the page.

  • Once you have located the page for your film, sort the reviews by clicking on the link that says "fresh".  This, of course, is presupposing that you are writing an argument in favor of a particular film.  If you would like to argue against the viewing of a particular film, you will need to find a "rotten" review.  Try your best to find a review from someone who has been classified as "Top Critic".

  • You will need to click on "read full review" and then actually READ THE FULL REVIEW.  Remember, the point is to find supporting testimony for your argument.  

  • After you have read the full review, you will need to find at least two quotations that you would like to include to support your argument.  You should look for quotations that will fit nicely into your argument.  After reading the quotation it should be clear that the reviewer you are quoting genuinely enjoyed the film.

  • Once you have identified at least two quotations, WRITE A 500 WORD ARGUMENT in which you attempt to convince your classmates to view the film in question.  You should give personal reasons for enjoying the film you have chosen but do not forget that your sole purpose is to convince your classmates to view the film in question.

  • After each quotation you include in your argument, you will need to give credit to the original author.  To do this all you need to do is include a citation.  For this exercise your in text citations will look like this: "This movie is incredible" (Tobias, 2013).  In the preceding example, credit has been given to Mr. Tobias, the supposed author of a movie review, along with the year in which the review was written.

  • At the end of your argument, include the title of the review, the author and the website where the article was found.

<![CDATA[Gatsby Analysis Questions - Chapters 1-7]]>Fri, 22 Mar 2013 13:31:00 GMThttp://tobiaskhs.weebly.com/english-11-2012-13/gatsby-analysis-questions-chapters-1-7
Chapter 1

1. How does the narrator describe Gatsby?
2. From where did the narrator come and why?
3. Describe the narrator's house.
4. Describe the Buchanans' house.
5. How does Nick know Daisy and Tom?
6. Describe Tom. What is our impression of him in Chapter 1?
7. What kind of person is Daisy?
8. What did Miss Baker tell Nick about Tom?
9. When asked about her daughter, what does Daisy say?
10. How is Gatsby introduced into the novel?

Chapter 2

1. What is the "valley of ashes"?
2. What are the "eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg?
3. Who did Tom take Nick to meet?
4. Identify Myrtle and George Wilson.
5. What did Mrs. Wilson buy while she was out with Tom and Nick?
6. Where did they go? What was at 158th Street?
7. Identify Catherine and Mr. & Mrs. McKee.
8. What does Mr. McKee tell Nick about Gatsby?
9. What reason did Myrtle give for marrying George Wilson?
10. What did Tom do to Myrtle when she mentioned Daisy's name?

Chapter 3

1. Describe Gatsby's wealth. List some of the things that represent wealth.
2. What kind of people come to Gatsby's parties?
3. Why did Nick Carraway go to the party?
4. How does Nick meet Gatsby?
5. What are some of the stories about Gatsby?
6. Is Gatsby a "phony"?
7. Describe Nick's relationship with Jordan.

Chapter 4

1. Who is Klipspringer?
2. What does Gatsby tell Nick about himself?
3. What "matter" did Gatsby have Jordan Baker discuss with Nick?
4. Who is Mr. Wolfshiem?
5. What does Mr. Wolfshiem tell Nick about Gatsby?
6. What does Jordan tell Nick about Daisy, Gatsby and Tom?

Chapter 5

1. Describe the meeting between Gatsby and Daisy. Why was he so nervous?
2. How long did it take Gatsby to make the money to buy the mansion?
3. Why did Gatsby want Daisy to see the house and his clothes?
4. What had the green light on the dock meant to Gatsby?
5. What had Gatsby turned Daisy into in his own mind?

Chapter 6

1. What is Gatsby's real history? Where is he from, and what is his name?
2. What did Dan Cody do for Gatsby?
3. What is Daisy's opinion of Gatsby's party? How does this affect him?
4. What does Gatsby want from Daisy?

Chapter 7

1. What was Gatsby's reaction to Daisy's child?
2. What did Wilson do to Myrtle? Why?
3. Why do the five drive into the city on such a hot afternoon?
4. What does Gatsby think about Daisy's relationship with Tom?
5. What is Daisy's reaction to both men?
6. What happens on the way home from New York?
7. How do these people react to Myrtle's death:
         a. Wilson:
         b. Tom:
         c. Nick:
         d. Gatsby:
8. What is the true relationship between Daisy and Tom?

<![CDATA["The Great Gatsby" - F. Scott Fitzgerald]]>Tue, 12 Mar 2013 10:10:13 GMThttp://tobiaskhs.weebly.com/english-11-2012-13/the-great-gatsby-f-scott-fitzgeraldPicture
As you are aware, we have started reading The Great Gatsby in class.  We will read one chapter each class meeting.  If you are absent, you will need to complete the chapter you missed on your own time.  Books are to be kept in the classroom but students are allowed to borrow books in the event of an absence.

Typically, each chapter will have a quick assignment worth 25-50 points.  Quizzes will be given periodically and a 100 question test will be given at the end of the book.  Please make sure you keep up with the reading.

<![CDATA["Soldier's Home" - Ernest Hemingway]]>Mon, 04 Mar 2013 13:53:05 GMThttp://tobiaskhs.weebly.com/english-11-2012-13/soldiers-home-ernest-hemingwayPicture
This week we will be starting "American Modernism" - and what greater way to start than with one of the most revered American authors - Ernest Hemingway.

Soldier's Home will be read in class and the assignment will need to be completed at home using the online textbook.  If you're still having trouble accessing the online textbook, please click here for guidance.

Please complete questions 1-6, 8, 9 on page 693 in Elements of Literature:  Collection 4.

<![CDATA["A Pair of Silk Stockings" - Kate Chopin]]>Mon, 25 Feb 2013 09:57:59 GMThttp://tobiaskhs.weebly.com/english-11-2012-13/a-pair-of-silk-stockings-kate-chopinPicture
Following our quiz we read a brief short story by Kate Chopin entitled "A Pair of Silk Stockings".  The following analysis questions were assigned following the reading:  1-4,7 (page 577).  These questions need to be completed and brought to class on Wednesday/Thursday.  50 points.

<![CDATA["To Build a Fire" by Jack London]]>Fri, 22 Feb 2013 08:42:40 GMThttp://tobiaskhs.weebly.com/english-11-2012-13/to-build-a-fire-by-jack-londonPicture
"To Build a Fire", a short story by Jack London was read in class on Thurs/Fri.  If you were absent on the day the story was read, you will need to read the story using the online textbook.

All students are responsible for completing questions 2-6 on page 561 following the reading.  Homework is due on Mon/Tue.

<![CDATA["The Lowest Animal" by Mark Twain]]>Mon, 11 Feb 2013 13:15:40 GMThttp://tobiaskhs.weebly.com/english-11-2012-13/the-lowest-animal-by-mark-twainPicture
This week we will be reading an essay by Mark Twain entitled "The Lowest Animal".  After class discussion you will need to complete the following questions for homework:  1-6 pg 542.

Homework will be due on Thursday/Friday of this week.

<![CDATA[Thesis Statement Practice]]>Mon, 11 Feb 2013 08:15:52 GMThttp://tobiaskhs.weebly.com/english-11-2012-13/thesis-statement-practicePicture
For those who were absent when we went over "how to write a thesis statement", you will need to complete the following assignment:

Step 1:  Watch the two YouTube videos embedded at the bottom of this post.

Step 2:  Come up with a focused topic.

Step 3:  Come up with an opinion on that topic and put the topic and opinion together to write a thesis statement.

Step 4:  Write the opening paragraph of an essay in which your thesis statement is highlighted.

Step 5.  Write supporting paragraph #1.

<![CDATA[Homework:  The Civil War]]>Tue, 05 Feb 2013 13:08:38 GMThttp://tobiaskhs.weebly.com/english-11-2012-13/homework-the-civil-warPicture
After reading The Gettysburg Address in class, you will need to complete four short readings and some analysis questions for homework.  

The following items need to be read at home, using the online textbook:

1.  "Letter to his Son" by Robert E. Lee pg 512
2.  "Letter to Sarah Ballou" by Maj. Sullivan Ballou pg 513
3.  "A Diary from Dixie" by Mary Chestnut pg 515
4.  "Men at War:  An Interview with Shelby Foote" by Ken Burns pg 516

After reading these items you will need to complete questions 2-7 on pages 518-519.  All responses need to be in complete sentences and as thorough as possible.